Remote Coaching

Click on the image to view Kevin’s resume

Click on the image to view Kevin’s resume

Are you struggling with a particular plan, project or policy initiative? Would you benefit from having another experienced, professional opinion?

We all run into issues where we simply need another set of eyes. But, too often we hold back asking for help because it seems too time-consuming or expensive. K2 Urban Design has a solution for this dilemma. You can benefit from Kevin’s 25 years of experience by signing up for a remote coaching session. Kevin has worked in the private and public sectors, and has a unique ability to see concerns and solutions from multiple angles. He can quickly digest an issue and give you actionable feedback and advice.

Topics that generate the most inquiries include:

  • Parking design and policy solutions for urban or urbanizing areas, especially in a rapidly-changing world of new mobility options

  • Making your zoning and form-based codes ready for Missing Middle and small parcel development

  • Street design for walkable areas, or places desiring to become walkable

  • Detailed design suggestions to improve a current project or plan

Kevin has had a career of working with very diverse interests, all over the country, and truly enjoys helping people through issues that are complicated, confusing or creating a barrier to moving forward. Using today’s technology, he can efficiently help you and your team.

Send Kevin a note of what help you need. He’ll reply with an estimate of the time and cost. Most requests like this over the years are able to be completed in two to four hours of research and video-chat time. Kevin’s rate is $150/hour. Guess what - no expenses, either! This is a simple and quick way to help you through a current challenge. 

Note: for anyone in the greater Kansas City area, Kevin is happy to meet and discuss your issue in-person if you prefer.