Over the years I've published a number of e-books, pdf's of some of the more popular blog posts and a full-length book called "Why I Walk: Taking a Step in the Right Direction." Information on all items, including ordering, is available by scrolling down.

Are you tired of....

  • explaining why you enjoy walking and biking to your family and friends?

  • people that don't understand the value of walkable neighborhoods?

  • doing the math for friends and family on driving less?

Wouldn't you like to hand people a funny, short and insightful look at a culture of walking vs. a culture of driving?

If so, then I encourage you to buy my book.

Mayor Knox White, of Greenville, SC says about it:

"Kevin…..Just meant to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, “Why I walk.” I like the way you blended your personal thoughts with those of others. Your message resonated with me—and, yes, I have changed a few habits as a result!!"

Jeremy Senko, of writes:

"The book is literally filled with humor and optimism. I could imagine that Klinkenberg sat down every night to pen a little more of his short book after a brisk walk fired him up with endorphins, a feeling that was contagious and present on every page."

 Why I Walk is a personal story of the benefits of living in a walkable neighborhood. In the book I describe the benefits in four discrete categories: Financial, Freedom, Health and Social. The book provides a window in my life and to others who live like me. And, it hopefully explains to those that don't understand just why this is such a great way to live.

Why I Walk, published by New Society Publishers, is available by clicking here or here. The Goodreads page is here.

Free Downloads

I've packaged a few of the more popular posts over the years into a more attractive pdf, booklet format. These are free for you to download and enjoy.

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