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My primary speaking topics are “Are you ready for the next America?” and “Understanding Messy Cities: a new paradigm for planning and economic development,” building upon my years of work for developers, cities and leading an economic development agency.

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In “Are you ready for the next America?” I offer some perspective on where we are as a country, where the trends are headed, who the winners and losers are, and what our cities and towns can do to take full advantage of how our country is re-inventing itself again. This is especially relevant to anyone not living in the high-demand coastal metropolitan cities. It’s best suited for general audiences, business groups, passionate citizens and civic leaders.

Understanding Messy Cities” is a higher-level discussion of the specific ways that leaders in planning and economic development can successfully make the transition to the next generation. I aim to challenge audiences to embrace a messier, less predictable approach to planning and development. It’s best for professionals in those fields, as well as local leaders and interested citizens.

Finally, I also enjoy talking about House Hacking, and the many benefits for individuals and families. My talk, “House Hacking: The next big thing in home ownership” has proved to be very popular, especially with young professionals and younger audiences. I discuss the pros and cons of house hacking, my own multiple personal experiences with it, and why it’s likely to be a big deal in real estate for years to come.

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Sample Videos