[ The new American city is a walking city ]

Come experience it first-hand

Put down the books and get out of sterile conference rooms!

Learn the benefits and features of a walking city in Savannah, GA

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This is not your ordinary professional workshop. 

Kevin Klinkenberg will lead you through a full day, in-depth study of what works for walkable, bike-friendly places.  Take home first-hand experience and knowledge instead of a handout that you'll never look at again. All courses take place on Fridays, so that you can enjoy a weekend in Savannah and the Lowcountry.

The courses come in two options:

Walking Primer: An eight-hour "understand the basics" course with Kevin. Cost: $195

Walking Pro: An eight-hour, high-level course featuring Kevin and Joe Minicozzi from Urban 3. Cost: $275

Space is limited to 20 people per workshop, and we are finalizing dates for a Summer and a Fall course now.  

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