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Welcome - my name is Kevin Klinkenberg, and this site "The Messy City" is my blog and company website. I started blogging on urban planning and design issues in 2007, and began working in the field in 1993. Please feel free to connect with me on any of the social media sites listed here. Thanks for reading.

Weekend walk

From time to time I'll use this space to share some of daily aspects of living in a walkable community. I know that for many of you this may seem, well, like nothing at all. But I know that a great many people have either no experience of living like this or have completely forgotten what it's like. I enjoy sharing some of the small joys, and even some of the small frustrations.

With that all said - here's a quick example.

Two destinations attracted us this weekend as we got out to socialize. On Saturday it was dinner out for sushi and a bier afterwards at the Bierhaus. Sidebar: I love the food and drink at this little German/Belgian-inspired place, though it has absolutely the worst location in all of downtown Savannah.

Here's a Google map showing how far the walk was, and some pretty obvious suggested routes. These are pretty routine walks for us, especially on a weekend. Note for my New Urbanist friends: check out how far this is beyond the "5 minute walk" barometer that we seem to use as a holy measuring stick. I previously wrote about this same notion here in a discussion of "Walk Appeal."

I'll admit that the weather was pretty great this weekend, so even a normal walk became even that much more enjoyable. 

On Sunday it was a visit to some friends' house, who are sadly leaving Savannah for Miami. For that trip, we took food and drink with us, which simply meant throwing on a backpack and carrying a small bag for the walk. Here's a map of that walk:

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