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For those also in their 40's

Just a slight diversion from design and planning today: I couldn't help but enjoy this piece from Pamela Druckerman in the New York Times recently. As someone squarely in my mid-40's, it struck a chord. Those of you that are older or younger that may groan at this, just relax and read the other 90% of media written for your age group. A couple of bits I enjoyed, and one addition of mine below:

But for now, to cement our small gains, here are some things we know today that we didn’t know a decade ago:

• If you worry less about what people think of you, you can pick up an astonishing amount of information about them. You no longer leave conversations wondering what just happened. Other people’s minds and motives are finally revealed.

• People are constantly trying to shape how you view them. In certain extreme cases, they seem to be transmitting a personal motto, such as “I have a relaxed parenting style!”; “I earn in the low six figures!”; “I’m authentic and don’t try to project an image!”

• Eight hours of continuous, unmedicated sleep is one of life’s great pleasures. Actually, scratch “unmedicated.”

There's much more of course, and it's good for a laugh and some nods.

I would simply add that it's also obvious to me now how so many people really hit their stride in their 40's. As I observe friends, colleagues (and even my own work), I can clearly see a maturation from even five years earlier. The accumulation of experience and knowledge really does matter, and it's something we don't value as much as youthful energy unfortunately. Side note: it's also why I enjoy this rant from Craig Ferguson so much:

If professional athletes tend to hit their peak in their late 20's, I'd venture that people in knowledge professions start to hit their peak years only when they cross into their 40's. Sorry, millennials, you'll just have to wait a bit longer for your peak years.


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