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Car sharing is impacting car sales

From - an interesting story about how car sharing services are starting to have a real impact on vehicle purchases. From the article:

Consulting firm Alix Partners released a report that claims car-sharing services have eliminated 500,000 sales of new cars.

As reported by CNBC, the firm estimates that 32 vehicles sales are lost for every one vehicle added to a car-sharing fleet.

We're in the early stages of learning how the sharing economy (bikes, cars, ride share, home sharing) etc are going to impact our cities. Most markets are still *very* new to car sharing, so it may well be a decade or more before it becomes mainstream. But it's clear with the early adopters that the idea of access over ownership is taking hold. It's also another sign of what I've written about before - that the car culture has peaked, and is in the early stages of transitioning to... something else.

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