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Biking gadgets go mainstream

Photo Credit: New York Times Bicycle Image by Stock

Photo Credit: New York Times Bicycle Image by Stock

Bikes, bikes and more bikes today.

Meghan Petersen writes about an idea for a loud bike horn, developed by a 20-something Bostonian:

One of the biggest grievances of all these cyclists is not being seen. Jonathan Lansey, 28, spent so much time dodging cars on his daily commute in Boston that he began a Kickstarter campaign to finance production of a bike horn that could not fail to get drivers’ attention. His brainchild, Loud Bicycle, sounds like a two-toned car horn and, at 112 decibels, is about as loud.

“It’s embarrassing to get honked at,” Mr. Lansey said. “But it’s more embarrassing to get honked at by a bicycle.”"

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