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Welcome - my name is Kevin Klinkenberg, and this site "The Messy City" is my blog and company website. I started blogging on urban planning and design issues in 2007, and began working in the field in 1993. Please feel free to connect with me on any of the social media sites listed here. Thanks for reading.

A quick ode to Jaime Lerner

A post of mine is up at The Wolfsonian's Power of Design blog about Jaime Lerner. Here's a sample:

Image by The Wolfsonian

Image by The Wolfsonian

“What would Jaime Lerner think?”

It’s a question I find myself asking often. Fortunately for those around me, it usually happens in my own head.

In the course of our lives, we find just a handful of people that make a lasting impression. Whether we know them personally or not, something about them leaves a mark that is indelible. Perhaps they gave a speech or wrote an article that sticks with us. It might be a project or work that really stands out, or even a personality trait. In some cases, it’s a combination of all of the above.

For me, Jaime Lerner is one of those people.

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