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Welcome - my name is Kevin Klinkenberg, and this site "The Messy City" is my blog and company website. I started blogging on urban planning and design issues in 2007, and began working in the field in 1993. Please feel free to connect with me on any of the social media sites listed here. Thanks for reading.

A different kind of street food

From GreaterPlaces, what if streets had nutrition labels?

Nutrition labels are incredibly popular with consumers who now know a lot more about the complicated science of how the body and food works.


Of course these labels would not stop dumb growth any more than nutrition labels halted obesity. But it’s better than what we have now. What else would you add?

I love food analogies, and I think the idea of more information here actually has some value, although admittedly a little tongue in cheek. So in the same spirit, here's my contribution, the Transportation Pyramid:

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Unicorn chasing in economic development

Keeping your street trees healthy