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The sharing economy meets the sharing economy

 Courtesy of Kansas City B-cycle

Courtesy of Kansas City B-cycle

From the department of ideas I love: the bike share program in Kansas City is using crowdfunding to try and expand the system. Nancy Scola at Next City writes about it:

They hope to crowdfund parts of the system using the home-grown civic platform B-Cycle, which calls itself "the country’s only advocate-owned bike share system," just kicked off simultaneous mini-campaigns, ranging between $50,000 and $250,000, to bring anywhere from one to five stations to 10 different Kansas City neighborhoods.

Sarah Shipley is communications director for BikeWalkKC, the umbrella group that runs B-Cycle. The campaigns’ goal, she says, is more than just raising money. For one thing, it’s to surface the sometimes-challenging mechanics of running a bike share program. For another, it’s to help create a cycling culture in a city that only three years ago was "a no-man’s land for bikes."

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