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How to change your city, quickly

I've written previously about open streets, and how Bogota is leading the way. Fortunately it's also caught hold in the U.S., and more cities are experimenting with temporary closures, play streets, etc. It's good to see that Los Angeles is picking up where it's left off, and will be doing it's CicLAvia again this year. Here's a short video from a few years back about it:

Aurash Khawarzad writes on the Project for Public Spaces blog about it:

Ciclovias are also an important example of a lighter, quicker, cheaper approach to bottom-up transportation planning. These events, although temporary, create lasting impacts on city streets without large capital investments in infrastructure.


Los Angeles is beginning their Ciclovia season this Sunday with the reprisal of CicLAvia. Last year’s event was a stunning success, with 150,000 Angelinos getting a perspective on their city they could never safely see before. CicLAvia is one of the many projects that LA’s forward-thinking mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, has implemented to build consensus around a new people-friendly vision for LA’s streets.