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I’ll be straight to the point - I’m not a great salesman. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I’ve never been all that comfortable bragging on myself. For me, I care more about getting the job done well, having a real impact and showing results than on branding, promotions and conversion processes. I’m not saying this is right or wrong -it’s just how my brain works. So that said, please bear with me on the next paragraph.

What time has taught me about myself is that I tend to see issues from multiple angles, I am very good about communicating with and relating to all kinds of people, and that my viewpoints often challenge just about everyone. I care most about simply designing beautiful, successful projects, but because our systems work against that I've had to become an expert and advocate for fixing what we can. To that end, I do a great deal of public speaking.  

My primary speaking topic is A New Paradigm for Economic Development, building upon my years of work for developers, cities and leading an economic development agency. The talk brings together a variety of topics that are relevant for chambers of commerce, economic developers, municipal leadership and passionate citizens. It examines the changes taking place in cities, how to be most effective fiscally and strategically, and challenges audiences on how to measure success. If you'd like to schedule this talk, please contact me directly from this site. I also speak regularly on four other topic areas, tying into my twenty-five years of work in the planning and development field:

1. The culture change affecting cities. What is happening, why it’s happening, and what it means for your city, town or neighborhood.

2. Four ways our big systems are failing our cities, and how they need to evolve.

3. Five mindsets for civic leaders for the 21st century

4. Leveling the playing field: a “live and let live” approach to urban, suburban and rural development patterns

If you're interested in talking with me about consulting work, please also contact me from this site. You can view some snapshots from my portfolio below. I've generally focused on helping clients with two key areas: creating bold, visionary long-term plans and the tools to begin implementing them immediately. It's been my belief throughout my career that people need both inspiration and an idea of what they can do tomorrow, next week or next month. I look forward to hearing from communities that are struggling with challenging problems, and what to do next.

[ My work experience ]

For twenty-five years I've worked as an architect and planner. Ten of those years I was a partner and co-founder of 180 Urban Design & Architecture in Kansas City, which worked on projects in 27 states for all manner of public and private clients. In 2010, I created a new company called K2 Urban Design, based in Savannah, GA and worked in that arena for four years, before taking a position leading the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority. I am returning to private practice in 2018, with a goal to help public and private agencies make the transition to the new realities of development. From the beginning, I have focused my energies on those who aim for successful walkable and sociable places. If you'd like more information on me and my experience, keep scrolling down the page.


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Selected planning projects - Click to download

Site Studies examples - Click to download brochure

 Blue Springs, MO Downtown Plan

Blue Springs, MO Downtown Plan

 Steptoe Court - early concepts

Steptoe Court - early concepts

Videos from Kevin's Youtube channel

A description of how a new form-based code in Blue Springs' downtown helped incentivize quality redevelopment.

The importance of street design to walkability