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Using urban design to make our lives more enjoyable and create wealth

This site is for all those interested in the making of cities and towns, and especially the lives of the humans that inhabit them. Kevin Klinkenberg is an architect and urban designer who's practiced from coast-to-coast. 

[ The new American city is a walking city ]

Come experience it first-hand

Put down the books and get out of sterile conference rooms!

Learn the benefits and features of a walking city in Savannah, GA

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This is not your ordinary professional workshop. 

Kevin Klinkenberg will lead you through a full day, in-depth study of what works for walkable, bike-friendly places.  Take home first-hand experience and knowledge instead of a handout that you'll never look at again. All courses take place on Fridays, so that you can enjoy a weekend in Savannah and the Lowcountry.

The courses come in two options:

Walking Primer: An eight-hour "understand the basics" course with Kevin. Cost: $195

Walking Pro: An eight-hour, high-level course featuring Kevin and Joe Minicozzi from Urban 3. Cost: $275

Space is limited to 20 people per workshop, and we are finalizing dates for a Summer and a Fall course now.  

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