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Daryl Rantis




On a personal note, I'm devastated to hear of the sudden loss of my friend Daryl Rantis last night. Daryl and I worked together on a couple of occasions, and leaves behind a great family and many, many friends. Always fun to be around, it's a huge understatement to say that Daryl was also a very talented architect. His work was recently recognized in Houzz, winning a "Best of" badge in 2014.

In our new age of ever-present media and social media, I don't even know how to proceed when something sudden and shocking like this happens. Posting here or on Facebook seems like such a cheap substitute for the old ways. I debated whether or not to even write anything. But in the end, it's one outlet I have at my disposal, and hopefully a few more people can learn about a great guy. My condolences to all close to Daryl - it's a sad day for all of us.