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A short lesson on the value of waterfronts

Photo courtesy of City of Savannah archives

Photo courtesy of City of Savannah archives

Eric Curl writes about a photo collection just released that shows Savannah's riverfront in the 1970's, before a major infrastructure undertaking made it the place people recognize today. He details the work of architect Eric Meyerhoff in making it happen. Money quote:

Completed in 1977, two years after the 1975 ground-breaking, the $7.3 million Riverfront Urban Renewal Project was a public-private partnership that leveraged U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development funds, Community Development Block Grant program funds and an Environmental Protection Agency grant, as well as city funds to construct the 30-acre plaza spanning a half mile along the river.

Well, it's a money quote as far as I'm concerned. That federal/local investment has created a several-decades long improvement and financial windfall to the city. It's a great example of how infrastructure, done well, adds great economic value to a place.

The photos are great - worth a look at this link.