Walking the Walk

Urban design from the front lines

Kevin Klinkenberg

Using urban design to make our lives more enjoyable and create wealth

This site is for all those interested in the making of cities and towns, and especially the lives of the humans that inhabit them. Kevin Klinkenberg is an architect and urban designer who's practiced from coast-to-coast. 

What's on your mind?

It's a Tuesday after a holiday weekend - you're relaxed, refreshed and ready to go, right?

While I fill the blog with my own commentary and interests, I'd like to take a moment to ask what's going on in your world? What obstacles are you encountering? What's your pain point, regardless of private, public or not-for-profit sector? What are your successes?

Take a moment and share a story or concern with me. I'd like to share your stories with the readers of this site, since I'm certain that others want to hear more from the front lines. I'll even be happy to do it anonymously, so you can speak freely. 

You can email me directly or use the contact form at the bottom of this page-