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This site is for all those interested in the making of cities and towns, and especially the lives of the humans that inhabit them. Kevin Klinkenberg is an architect and urban designer who's practiced from coast-to-coast. 

more to come...

Hi all - it's been a busy summer, and I've let the posting slack quite a bit. I'll be starting back up soon with some new posts, especially building off of some topics presented at the Congress for New Urbanism in Atlanta. In particular, I want to elaborate on a session which I participated in that espoused the virtues of simple, rectilinear street grids in urban design, as opposed to the "cranky" or "organic" patterns that so many of colleagues prefer. Additionally, I'll have some thoughts to share on the emerging areas of "agricultural urbanism", new developments in form-based zoning codes, and much more.

In the meantime, please feel free to send me any thoughts as we gear back up.


Kevin Klinkenberg