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This site is for all those interested in the making of cities and towns, and especially the lives of the humans that inhabit them. Kevin Klinkenberg is an architect and urban designer who's practiced from coast-to-coast. 

180º Urban Design in Kansas City Small Business Magazine

Design in the WorksSmall Kansas City area architects are leading the way in cutting-edge designs and proving that bigger isn't always better. By Kate Leibsle

It's not easy being an architect these days. With the tough economy, most businesses and municipalities have put the kibosh on new buildings and even renovations. Still, Kansas City's small architecture firms are optimistic about the future and are working hard to stay busy and plan for the next construction boom. Instead of focusing on the slowdown, they are concentrating on expanding their services, integrating more green ideas into their work and creatively solving clients' problems.

180 Urban Design and Architecture, which specializes in designing walkable communities, where residential, commercial and retail are more closely tied together, business is booming. Some of the interest is green related, while some is cities looking at ways to be more efficient with their resources, said Kevin Klinkenberg, a firm principal.

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